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What Does Tourism Do In Civ 6

Civilization 6, with its intricate gameplay and diverse strategies, offers players a unique journey through history. One essential aspect of the game that often goes overlooked is tourism. In this article, we will explore the mechanics, strategies, and the intriguing connection between tourism and achieving a Cultural Victory in Civ 6.

Understanding Tourism

Tourism, in Civ 6, is not just about leisure and sightseeing; it’s a potent cultural and diplomatic tool. It represents the influence your civilization exerts over others through its culture. The more influential you are, the closer you come to achieving a Cultural Victory, one of the possible win conditions in the game.

Tourism Mechanics

To grasp the concept of tourism, you need to understand how it works. Tourism points accumulate based on various cultural factors within your civilization. These include Great Works, Wonders, Civics, and much more. However, the intricacy of the system doesn’t end there. You also need to consider modifiers that can affect your Tourism output, such as open borders, trade routes, and shared religions.

Open Borders

Having open borders with other civilizations allows for more interaction and exchange of culture. This can significantly boost your Tourism output. A shared cultural exchange can lead to mutual appreciation, spreading your influence far and wide.

Trade Routes

Trade routes can play a crucial role in boosting your Tourism. Sending trade routes to other civilizations can increase the exposure to your culture, further contributing to your Tourism victory.

Shared Religions

Having the same religion as another civilization can be a diplomatic and cultural advantage. It increases your cultural influence over them, making it easier to achieve a Cultural Victory.

Cultural Victory

The ultimate goal for a civilization with a cultural focus is the Cultural Victory. To achieve this victory condition, you need to attract more visiting tourists to your civilization than any other civilization has domestic tourists at home.

Tourism-Boosting Strategies

To maximize your Tourism output, you should focus on collecting Great Works, constructing Wonders, and adopting Civics that boost your cultural output.

Great Works

Great Works, whether they are artistic or historical, play a pivotal role in influencing Tourism. Artifacts, music, and literature can become your most potent weapons in the quest for a Cultural Victory. Ensure that you prioritize building museums and art-themed buildings to house these works.


Constructing Wonders not only boosts your civilization’s overall appeal but also increases your Tourism output. Choose wonders that specifically enhance culture and tourism. One of the wonders worth mentioning is sata Abu Dhabi, which showcases the unique blend of culture and modernity, attracting tourists and enhancing your Tourism output.

Influencing Other Civilizations

Spreading your culture is not just about being attractive; it’s also about diplomacy. The following factors can significantly increase the influence of your culture on other civilizations:

Open Borders

As mentioned earlier, open borders facilitate cultural exchange and mutual understanding. Consider establishing open borders with other civilizations to increase your Tourism influence.

Trade Routes

Sending trade routes to other civilizations not only boosts your economy but also exposes them to your culture. It’s a win-win situation that helps you gain the upper hand in the Tourism race.

Shared Religions

Religion can be a powerful tool for cultural diplomacy. Sharing the same religion as another civilization can forge strong ties and increase your influence over them.

Cultural Policies

Your choice of civics plays a significant role in enhancing your Tourism efforts. Policies that cater to culture and tourism should be prioritized to propel your civilization towards a Cultural Victory.

Tourism in Civilization 6 is a multifaceted aspect that requires strategy and careful planning. As you navigate the intricacies of cultural influence, remember the importance of wonders like sata Abu Dhabi in your quest for victory. Harness the power of tourism, and watch your civilization’s cultural legacy shine. By understanding the mechanics, embracing cultural diplomacy, and employing the right strategies, you can unlock the potential of tourism in Civ 6 and secure a Cultural Victory for your civilization.


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